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Discover your Journey to Healing from Mental Illness

This site is dedicated to education on mental illness and the prevention of suicide. There are root causes to mental illness that are typically not addressed in the treatment for the mentally ill.  There is so much you can do to be mentally well. Did you know that.....

...stable BLOOD SUGAR is needed for stable energy and mood?

...the health of your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM impacts the health of your brain?

...you need SPECIFIC NUTRIENTS in order to manufacture your mood-enhancing brain chemistry?

...you need a healthy GUT MICROBIOME for a healthy brain?

...TOXICITY in the body can impact brain chemistry?

...FOOD SENSITIVITIES can hinder brain function?

These are just some of the physiological changes in the body that can impact brain chemistry but other factors such as trauma, your nervous systems communication, and your fitness can all impact your mental health as well. There is so much you can and need to do to be mentally well. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! You don't have to continue to suffer. 

Did you know?

Every 12.8 minutes someone in the United States takes their life.
Every 30 seconds someone attempts to take their life.

There is Hope!

Standard Treatment for Mental Illness is medication and psychotherapy but what happens if that doesn't work? A person suffering loses HOPE! Hope is what those suffering from mental illness need to prevent suicide. There is so much we can do to prevent it. It's not an overnight solution but if you follow the steps in the No More Loss book, which includes the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan, you will discover that you can feel a whole lot better. Everyone's journey is not the same but with determination, I believe that you can get free from mental illness as I have. It will take addressing the Five Components to Healing for Optimal Mental Health: Spiritual, Emotional, Neurological, Nutritional, and Physical. Allow me to share with you my journey and help you to find your journey to freedom as well... (see My Story) This website is a work in progress and more information will continue to be added to it. Please check back regularly to learn more and get a copy of No More Loss to begin your journey to freedom today.


Round the Clock Prayer Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide

If you are interested in committing to a 15-minute time slot daily, which you will dedicate to prayer, for the prevention of suicide please click here.