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Nancy RoseAbout Nancy Rose

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Nancy L. Rose, NTP, CHFS, CSCS, CGP
Owner of Roots2Roses Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Certified Healing Foods Specialist
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Certified GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner
B.S. Exercise Science

My Story

Heavy Metal Toxic, Poor Digestion, Food Sensitivities, Bad Skin, and Mental Illness.
Believe it or not all my problems were related. Read on for the full story.

My story, as all others, starts from birth. My mother carried me during the discovering of the Love Canal chemical spill in Niagara Falls, NY in 1976. My family lived in Niagara Falls not far from the Love Canal. It was many years later before I would uncover that many of my problems were aggravated if not caused by heavy metal toxicity. I believe that I became more toxic than my siblings because I was in my mother’s womb while she was exposed to these chemical toxins. The fetus is very susceptible to toxins. Coupled with my digestive problems and gluten sensitivity (later leading to multiple food sensitivities) I was not able to eliminate the toxins from my body very easily. When I was just a baby we moved from Niagara Falls to Ransomville, NY. From a child I remember not having bowel movements very frequently. I would go once every couple weeks what I would call rabbit pellets. I didn’t know at the time that this was not normal.

I went to a Lutheran school up through grade 7. In 8th grade I switched to the public school: Lewiston Porter middle and then high school. I later discovered that directly behind the school is a chemical waste dump. This only added to my heavy metal toxic burden. I couldn’t say what caused more toxicity the Love Canal or the chemical waste dump located behind the school I attended daily for 5 years. I also spent many extra hours after school playing sports there. I often drank from the water fountains during practice as everyone else did on the team. That may have been a big mistake.

As a teenager I began to notice that my stomach would make loud growling noises not when I was hungry but always after I ate. These were signs of digestive distress. At the time I didn’t know that. It seemed the norm for me so I just dealt with it. It was embarrassing at times because my stomach would be so loud. Not the most pleasant thing to occur while you are on a date. I was very athletic and had lots of energy at that point in my life, but my skin was a mess! I had acne on my face and my back. It was in high school, probably around 10th grade, that I began to notice feelings of sadness. It wasn’t for any particular reason. I just felt sad. Prior to 10th grade I remember always feeling happy. I wasn’t concerned about how I looked. I was content with my life. That was all changing and my view of myself was not great. I hated my acne and I struggled with my self-esteem although you probably would not have known it. I was extremely shy with few friends but very athletic playing three sports every year.

VolleyballI excelled in sports and was later inducted into my high school athletic hall of fame. I sure look happy in this picture. This was definitely a source of joy for me growing up. I went on to play Division I Volleyball at the University at Buffalo.

I continued to suffer from acne and severe constipation throughout my college years. I also struggled a bit with depression but no one really knew that and I did not get help for it at the time. I had poor self-esteem but prided myself on working out and being in top condition on my volleyball team.

After college things began to go downhill for me. I would get anxious if I had to make a phone call or leave the house. I started to have thoughts about not wanting to live. Eventually I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and put on an anti-depressant. Nine months later I attempted suicide. I was then told I was mis-diagnosed and I was really suffering from Bipolar Disorder. I was told that I needed to be on a mood stabilizer along with an anti-depressant. It was at this point that I opted to NOT take medication and instead to study nutrition and the brain. I discovered that my digestive problems were impacting the health of my body, my skin, and my brain. I found out I was heavy metal toxic in arsenic, lead, and mercury. I learned how the health of the gut can impact the brain and how toxicity can result in mental health problems. It took me years to obtain the knowledge that I share in the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Program. I praise the Lord for showing me the way. I was raised in church and gave my life to Christ as a child. He has used everything that I have been through in my life to give me wisdom and knowledge so that I could be whole and in return lead others to wholeness. I am very thankful for my journey regardless of how hard it has been. My life is night and day from what it used to be. I thank God for that! My prayer is for all those who are suffering with physical or mental disease. I pray that I may be one of the vessels God uses to help others find health in body, mind, and spirit! 

The Story continues…..

The most amazing gift I ever received was my son Jonathan James Rose.  He has been my true inspiration to get well! 

In 2011 I was re-married to a wonderful man and now live happily ever after! Let’s get real. Life is full of challenges but I can say that my life has been radically changed for the better! I seek each day to do the Lord’s will and in doing so He has given me abundant joy! I am happy! I have a sound mind! I am free! Free from the torment of mental illness. Free from digestive discomfort. My skin looks great! I’m at a healthy weight and my body feels good! Allow me to help you find your journey to freedom!

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