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Have A Friend Who Is Suicidal Or Suffering Depression?

You Can Save A Life

May 4, 2017

To understand how YOU can help a friend who is severely depressed and/or contemplating suicide we first need to consider what that person truly needs. It may not be exactly the same from person to person but there are some things that are likely to be similar across the board. Here is what I believe to be things that are needed for an individual that is suffering:

They Need HOPE!
It’s what we all need in life however someone who is severely depressed or suicidal will believe that there is little or no hope for them. I lost hope after getting the help that was provided- I took the medication and went to therapy - and it DID NOT WORK! I felt better temporarily and then began to spiral down worse and worse until I decided to attempt to take my life. Did I want to die? That’s hard to answer because I wanted to end the suffering and if I thought that it was possible to do then I didn’t want to die but at that moment I did not believe it was possible.

They Need LOVE!
They need to feel that others care. I am certain that others care and I’m certain you care for your friend suffering but at this moment their mind CANNOT see that. The more you do to show that you care the more they will be able to see it. You may have reached out and they may have even pushed you away or just not responded. Let me first say that it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to ask for help when you are severely depressed. There are likely different reasons that they cannot ask you for help. They may feel like a burden. They may feel weak and they don’t want others to see that. They may not want you to see how depressed they are. Mental illness comes with a stigma and people do judge and they may not want to be judged so they hold it inside and they don’t tell anyone how they are truly feeling. They may have reached out and shared in the past and their cries for help went unanswered. Regardless of why they may not have reached out to you for help REACH OUT TO THEM AGAIN! And again if necessary. Share with them how much you mean to them! Let them know that you love them no matter what and that you want them to be happy. Ask them what you can do to support them. Tell them you are there any time day or night to talk. That their life is valuable to you and you would be devastated if they were not here.

They Need You To LISTEN!
Sometimes it may not be easy to get them to talk but if they are willing then LISTEN and keep listening! Listen and hear. You might not have the answers but it’s ok to say that. They need to know that you are hearing what they are saying and you are sorry they are hurting and want to help them any way that you can. Keep listening as much as they need to talk and as often. Their life is worth it!

There is likely so much more and everyone is different. Have you ever been depressed or suicidal? What did you find most helpful from those who reached out? Share with us so that we can provide as much information that may help others and together we can Save A Life!