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You were born for greatness!

You were born to accomplish many things and to live a joyous, stable, secure, productive, fulfilling life! In order to obtain total freedom from mental illness it is important to address five components to healing: Spiritual, Emotional, Neurological, Nutritional, and Physical Fitness.

Any one of these addressed by itself can only bring you so far. All five areas need to be addressed and maintained on a regular basis in order to obtain true health and freedom from mental illness. This information is provided in detail in the book, No More Loss: Preventing Suicide by Building a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit. Get your copy today!

Five Components to Healing from Mental Illness

Building mental health can be compared to building a house. You must first establish a solid foundation in order to put in level floors, walls, and a protective roofing. A stable foundation is created with spiritual and emotional healing. The floor is leveled by having a healthy nervous system through proper nerve communication. Walls are put up with a well-nourished body and the protective roof is put on by regularly healthy exercise.

#1 Spiritual Healing

#2 Emotional Healing

#3 Neurological Healing

#4 Nutritional Healing

#5 Physical Fitness

Five Phases to Reaching Optimal Mental Health Nutritionally

What I am referring to here is not just the nutrition that you bring into your body but the body's ability to function correctly and operate based on the nutritional status of the body. To build optimal mental health it is also important to create a stable foundation and build health in the body in a systematic way. There are Five Phases to building Optimal Mental Health Nutritionally based on the Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan which is explained in detail in the No More Loss book and you are taken step-by-step through in the No More Loss Food Journal:

Phase 1: Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan, Blood Sugar Stability, and Digestion

Phase 2: Healthy Gut Microbiome & Sleep

Phase 3: Liver Health

Phase 4: Hormonal Balance & Detoxification

Phase 5:Additional Nutrient Support to Optimize Mental Health

Book Sale - ONLY $19.99 + free shipping

No More Loss

Preventing Suicide By Building A Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit
Includes Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan 

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Book Reviews:

I read this book over the last 3 days and it is a MUST READ for ANYONE suffering from mental health issues. Nancy tells you HOW the body works and WHY feelings of sadness, despair, and even suicide manifest from the dysfunction in the body. The information is clear, concise, and easy to comprehend. Every medical professional should be required to read this book because the current model of allopathic mental health care is failing so many! I can tell that the author poured her heart and soul into this work. IT'S A HOME RUN! and I would give it 10 STARS if I could!

This book is the goods for anybody who has struggled with food and mental health - which are inextricably linked, as Nancy Rose points out. Her program is NOT a diet per se, but a common-sense approach to changing habits of eating and thinking, one that promotes better health overall, physically and mentally. While the book's subtitle refers to suicide prevention, it really is relevant to anybody who has struggled with emotional issues or has had to use antidepressants. There IS a way to live a happy life without reliance on human-made chemicals, and Ms Rose provides excellent practical guidance for achieving a state of mind and body that allows us to live life to the fullest, while eating better in the process. I recommend this book highly!

My colleague and friend, Nancy Rose, has shared her heart, her faith and her passion to see lives transformed body, mind and spirit on every single page of her new book! Her book is exactly what I do in my practice as well to help people reach their optimal health/mental health in ALL areas of their life (body, mind and spirit). You need to get this book and get one for a friend who is struggling.  - Laurie H., NTP

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Are you a Nutrition Professional who wants to help your clients with mental health? I'm looking to build a team of Nutrition Professionals to make an impact on the mental health field. If you are a Nutrition Professional with a calling to help the mentally ill contact me at nancy@nomoreloss.org. 

Author Nancy Rose shares her own personal story with bipolar disorder and an attempted suicide. She has spent her life studying mental health, nutrition, fitness, and the word of God in order to find freedom from mental illness. You will discover how Nancy found total freedom from mental illness, how there are "root" causes to mental health problems, and how you can find freedom for yourself!

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